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Growth Ninjas are HubSpot “Custom Integration” accredited

…and we are mighty proud of that. It underlines our focus on complex processes and shows what is possible with HubSpot. Whether Google Sheets/Excel, WordPress, various databases, e-commerce store systems (Magento, Shopware,…) or specially programmed applications – we have already docked just about everything to HubSpot.

HubSpot Custom Integration

This makes us
one of the few agencies worldwide
that specializes not only in optimization within the hubs, but also in complete process optimization between the systems. #NinjaHOORAY

Why Custom Integrations?

No matter which company we talk to: There are a wide variety of systems that do not “talk” to each other. To keep HubSpot from becoming another silo in your IT landscape, we help you connect and link your systems. From programming and customizing platform-based HubSpot integrations to fully custom integrations for systems with open APIs.

This allows you to network and optimize business processes and thus use the full sales and marketing power (e.g. usage data of your customers’ products for upsell potential, complete automation of manual processes between systems or reporting from store systems).

You want to know more:

Do you have questions about process automation and best practice examples?
Contact us – we like to “connect” 😉

Your Growth Ninjas,

Adrienne, Bernd, David, Johannes, Katharina and Stefan

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