Core competence Digital Sales & Business Development

Quite simply, marketing and sales go together. A company needs to use all digital channels and tools to best sell its products. That’s Digital Sales.

We can help you put sales on a new digital footing.

And show you which digital tools you need to survive in the future, especially in complex B2B sales. Measurably and efficiently.

Sales Story

A coherent sales story should be a company’s secret weapon and the basis for all other marketing and sales activities.

Every email prospecting letter, every LinkedIn profile, every telephone prospecting call contains parts of your sales story. A sales story is not a marketing tool, it is an internal guideline that influences all internal and external communication channels.

Sales Funnel - Pirate Metric (AARRR)

Many companies spend a lot of money on “marketing” that is appropriate for their target audience, but rarely align it with their customer-user journey.

We use the “Pirate Metric” to show you where there is the greatest need for optimisation and where the triggers are in marketing and sales. Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, Referral – or AARRR – like the calls of the pirate!

Social Selling for B2C & B2B

Many buying processes have changed fundamentally in recent years due to the widespread dissemination of information and also require adaptation on the part of sellers. Moving away from push business to pull business – companies need to make their information easily available to potential customers on the Internet.

And social selling optimises the basic hand moves in sales to make good sales people even more effective, efficient and thus more successful.

Lead Generation for B2C & B2B

Is your company a “lead magnet”? If not, then you have not yet targeted the interest of your potential customers to convert them to leads. From the selection of the target group, to the right approach via content marketing, to the landing page, the appropriate offer and the call-to-action (CTA).

The road is long and there is no universal remedy here. We guide you through the creative lead funnel and turn your company into a lead magnet.

Partnerships & Cooperations

Every company asks itself the question every day: How do I sell my products best?

With your own sales staff directly to my customers or indirectly via sales partners? Or do I opt for a middle way? Where do partnerships make sense, which market can I serve alone? The answers to all these questions are not easy and have a direct impact on the structure and organization of your company. We will find the answers with you.

KPI Measurement Frameworks

You can claim a lot – but we “prove” the efficiency of our strategies and measures by agreeing KPIs with you and making them our benchmark.

These measurement frameworks also make it clear to you where there is potential for improvement and which wheel in the variety of measures influences which value in the framework.

Are you ready for
targeted and structured growth?

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