Core competence Digital Strategies

The most common question we get is: What is the best digital strategy to increase revenue?

Our answer: It depends on your three “Ws”.

Who are we? Where do we want to be? What do we want to communicate?

We answer these questions and work with you to develop and implement your unique digital strategy.

Brand Positioning

Only those who know their “position” in the market and take a close look at it can take relevant steps for themselves and their target groups.

A company’s positioning is the cornerstone of how it communicates with its target audiences and chooses its digital activities. Together we define the position, clarify the differentiators and develop the appropriate strategy.

Corporate Design & Style Guides

We know it all too well ourselves: the perception of a company’s positioning is not primarily conveyed by the content, but customer decisions are made long before the first text is read. Our decisions are strongly influenced by visual factors.

To ensure that your company’s visual communication is in line with your digital strategy, we change the corporate design if necessary and develop new specifications for the digital media.

Digital Business Models

The digital transformation is also fundamentally changing markets. In order to remain adaptable, one’s own business model and its mechanics must be put to the test.

We introduce our customers to new opportunities and ways of thinking to optimize the “digital” relationship between companies and their customers.

Customer journey in digital channels

Digital channels are becoming increasingly important for purchasing behavior. The customer wants to receive the right information or services via the right channel at the right moment.

We support you in conveying the appropriate information in the channels with the right communication strategy for your target group. The positioning and also the go-to-market strategy play an essential role.

Digital Go-To-Market Strategies

A go-to-market strategy is a concept for how companies can offer their products or services to customers with the help of a particular value proposition.

We examine the internal and external resources, the competition and the markets and, based on this, define the appropriate business model, the value proposition and the specific product/service strategy together with our customers.

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