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Raf Toté
David Scharler

Welcome Raf Toté

Welcome / Van harte welkom Raf Toté, We are delighted to welcome Raf Toté as the new “Process & HubSpot Ninja” to the Growth Ninjas! Born in Belgium and living

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Google Consent Mode 2.0
David Scharler

Google Consent Mode 2.0 in HubSpot

What is Google Consent Mode 2.0? Anyone who uses Google Analytics and Google Ads to understand user behavior should urgently change their website and app. Read here how Consent Mode works and how to set up HubSpot for it.

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Viktor Holzweber
Adrienne Steindl

Welcome Viktor Holzweber

A new “Inbound & HubSpot Ninja” is in town… Wohooo….the Growth Ninjas are getting reinforcements once again! This time by Viktor Holzweber – an experienced HubSpot Onboarding & Optimization Consultant.

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HubSpot 2022 Wrapup
Katharina Buiten

HubSpot Wrap-Up 2022

A lot has happened in the HubSpot universe this year. HubSpot has focused a lot on optimizing the system in 2022, implementing new features that the community has been longing

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